Browser Compatibility

These pages can be viewed with Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Netscape, iCab, Camino, Mozilla, even Explorer. The html code is exceedingly simple, with virtually no graphics and few tables. Microsoft users are advised to view the pages with Firefox or Opera, as Explorer does not properly display some of the CSS code.

Roman Numerals

There is now HTML tag for the placement of a line above Roman numerals to express thousand, but I have not yet had time to make all the conversions. This is sometimes replaced in these texts by the | symbol, but the user is advised to apply some common sense where required in reading these numbers. Someday I'll have time to standardize them all (maybe).

Greek Text

In submissions by contributors Greek text sometimes appears as images. In some of the scanned texts, I have provided a rough transliteration of the Greek. In many of the texts, however, the Greek appears as transliterated ASCII, i.e., as gibberish. HTML Code 4.0, recently released, now supports the Greek alphabet and I will change all ASCII to that new format as time permits.

Site Creation

This site originally was created using a Power Macintosh 7600/132, Page Spinner 2.01, and Dartmouth's Fetch. Currently it is being maintained on a MacBook Pro with TexWrangler for html creation and ftp transmission.

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