Instructions for Moderators

1. Make sure that you have the correct number of teams in your room. Most rounds will have three teams. Do not moderate for your own team—switch with someone else.

2. Check the pitting pitting sheet to make sure that you have the right teams. The letters on the pitting sheet in your room for that round should match to those on the teams' name plates.

3. Make sure the teams understand the basic rules (i. e. no conferring on a "toss up", once they have signaled no part of the question may be repeated, slap one hand on the desk and raise the other). Ask if anyone has any questions about the rules.

4. Check with your spotter and scorer and begin.

5. Always begin a toss-up with "Toss-up number for any team". Stop when a student slaps the table—do not finish the question.

6. If the answer is correct, say "[Repeat answer] is correct for 10 points".

7. If the answer is incorrect, say "I'm sorry, that is incorrect" and repeat the question for the remaining teams if no other team has already slapped.

8. If there is a tie (you MAY overrule the spotter in your discretion), distribute paper to each student who has slapped in and ask them to quickly write the answer without conferring. If only one is correct, ask the bonus question of that team. If both are correct, both teams should answer the bonus question in writing. Both teams then get credit for the toss-up and bonus.

9. If no correct answer is given, please be sure to provide the answer before going on to the next question.

10. When a student slaps in, this is a signal that they have an answer. If there is a delay in answering, ask for an answer and call time if one is not forthcoming. On bonus questions, use you own good judgment on how much time to allow. How much time is allowed for toss-up and bonus answers is within your discretion. What is important is to be consistent with each team and round.

11. Use extra question only when the original question is mistaken, or when you have made a mistake in reading it, or when you have inadvertently disclosed the bonus answer in commenting on the toss-up.

12. Ask the scorer/spotter to announce the score after questions 5, 10, 15, and 19.

13. Remind the scorer/spotter to take the score sheets to Room B 202 immediately after each round.

Common Issues.

1. Once a player has signaled on a "toss-up" question he or she must answer. If the player misses the question that team is out and you move to the next team to have signaled. If no other team has signaled you may continue or repeat the question.

2. If no player signals read through the question twice (three times if it involves translation). This also applies to bonus questions.

3. If no team has signaled and there is a request for a spelling, you may spell the word(s). Again this applies to bonus questions as well.

4. If you are unsure of a players pronunciation ask them to spell. A correct spelling gets the question. If a student asks to spell the answer, allow them, unless it becomes a habit.

5. If a "toss-up" question contain information vital to the bonus, you may repeat the "toss-up" question at the team's request.

6. If you think that an alternate answer is correct or that a question is incorrect check with another moderator on your level or someone in the score room.

7. Do not be afraid to call ties. If a tie occurs (and they will when slapping desks) have the teams involved write the answer on the extra paper provided. If both teams get the "toss-up", they must write down the answers to the bonus as well. Full points will be awarded to both teams.

8. If you have to throw out a question for whatever reason, use the extra questions in the front of the packet for the "toss-up" and if that question is answered, use the bonus from the original question.

I am sure there are plenty of situations which may arise that are not addressed here. If you have any questions or doubts just ask someone.