Grammar Handouts:

Parts of Speech I
Parts of Speech II

Use of Cases I
Use of Cases II

Declension of Nouns
1st Declension Nouns
2nd Declension Nouns
1st & 2nd Declension Nouns
3rd Declension Nouns
1st, 2nd & 3rd Declension Nouns
4th Declension Nouns
5th Declension Nouns

Ablative Uses
Ablative Uses II
Ablative Absolute
Full Ablative Uses

Personal Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns

Conjugation of Verbs
Personal Endings of Verbs
Personal Endings and Tense Indicators of Verbs
Present Tense - All Conjugations
1st & 2nd Conjugations
3rd Conjugation
4th Conjugation
The Passive Voice
The Future Tense
The Imperfect Tense
The Perfect Tenses
Irregular Verbs
Deponent Verbs
Impersonal Verbs
Independent Uses of the Subjunctive
Conjugation of the Subjunctive

Third Declension Adjectives
Comparison of Adjectives

Indirect Speech & Infinitives
The Gerund and Gerundive
The Periphrastics
The Supine
Ut Clauses
Cum Clauses
Common Contractions

Full Grammar Forms

Bennett's New Latin Grammar

Vocabulary Handouts:

Lingua Latina:

Lingua Latina Vocabulary I (Chapters 1-4)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary II (Chapters 5-7)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary III (Chapters 8-10)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary IV (Chapters 11-13)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary V (Chapters 14-16)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary VI (Chapters 17-19)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary VII (Chapters 20-22)
Lingua Latina Vocabulary VIII (Chapters 23-25)

Latin Via Ovid:

Latin Via Ovid Vocabulary I (Chapters 1-4)
Latin Via Ovid Vocabulary II (Chapters 5-8)
Latin Via Ovid Vocabulary III (Chapters 9-12)
Latin Via Ovid Vocabulary IV (Chapters 13-16)
Latin Via Ovid Vocabulary V (Chapters 17-20)
Latin Via Ovid Vocabulary VI (Chapters 21-23)

          Latin via Ovid Grammar Review:

          Grammar Review (Chapters 1-15)
          Grammar Review (Chapters 16-18)


Jenney Vocabulary I (Chapters 1-6)
Jenney Vocabulary II (Chapters 7-12)
Jenney Vocabulary III (Chapters 13-18)

Fabulae Graecae:

Fabulae Graecae I (Chapters 1-24)
Fabulae Graecae II (Chapters 25-51)
Fabulae Graecae (Jason & Medea) (Chapters 54-64)
Fabulae Graecae (Jason & Medea) (Chapters 65-71)
Fabulae Graecae (Jason & Medea) (Chapters 72-80)

Cupid & Psyche:

Cupid & Psyche Vocabulary I (Chapters 1-3)
Cupid & Psyche Vocabulary II (Chapters 4-6)
Cupid & Psyche Vocabulary III (Chapters 7-9)
Cupid & Psyche Vocabulary IV (Chapters 10-12)


Caesar Book IV (Invasion of Britain) (Chapters 20-22)
Caesar Book IV (Invasion of Britain) (Chapters 23-25)
Caesar Book IV (Invasion of Britain) (Chapters 26-28)
Caesar Book IV (Invasion of Britain) (Chapters 29-31)
Caesar Book IV (Invasion of Britain) (Chapters 32-34)
Caesar Book IV (Invasion of Britain) (Chapters 35-38)


Somnium Scipionis (Chapters 9-13)
Somnium Scipionis (Chapters 14-17)

Pro Archia Poeta (Chapters 1-7)
Pro Archia Poeta (Chapters 8-14)
Pro Archia Poeta (Chapters 15-21)

Miscellaneous Vocabulary Handouts:

Basic Verbs
Verba Parva et Difficilia (The little words which drive us crazy)
The "Q" Words


Latin via Ovid Exercises:

Exercise I (Chapters 1 & 2)
Exercise II (Chapters 3 & 4)
Exercise III (Chapters 5 & 6)
Exercise V (Chapters 9 & 10)

General Exercises:

Accusative & Genitive Case
Accusative (Nouns and Pronouns) and Verbs
Relative Pronouns I
Relative Pronouns II
Personal Pronouns
Ablative Exercise
Present Active Participles (Lingua Latina Chap. XIV)
Future Passive Periphrastic

Latin Readings:

Caesar The Death of Pompey (from the Bellum Civile)

Cicero's First Catilinarian Oration (Selections)
    Vocabulary I
    Vocabulary II
    Vocabulary III
    Vocabulary IV

Sallust's Bellum Catilinae

Virgil's Aeneid (Selections)
    Death of Dido (IV.663-705)
    Dido in the Underworld (VI.450-476)

Ovid's Orpheus and Eurydice (Met. 10.1-77)

Augustus: Res Gestae (Selections)

Petronius: The Werewolf Story

Christian Creeds

    de Mortibus Persecutorum (Selections)

Johannes de Alta Silva - de Thesauro et Fure Astuto

Stories from the Gesta Romanorum

Gospel of Mark (Vulgate)
    Introduction, Text & Notes

Courses on Specific Authors:

Suetonius, Vita Gai
Roman Historians


Chronology of Cicero's Life
Rhetorical Devices


Master Syllabus
Syllabus Latin 101
Syllabus Latin 102
Syllabus Latin 201
Syllabus Latin 202
Syllabus Latin 351/451
Roman Law & Society Syllabus
Imperialisms - Ancient and Modern


On-Line Declension Exerciser (highly recommended!)
On-Line Vocabulary Exerciser (Level II/III)
The Classics Page
Bibliography of Roman History (pdf)
The Latin Library

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